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International Club of Professional Investors and Experts in the following areas:

Financial markets

Modern marketing

Blockchain and Crypto Technologies

We are based on a Decentralized platform built on the WeB 3.0 architecture

Our directions and advantages

We provide exclusive tools to create financial independence

We help you set up autonomous sources of income

We teach you how to create, save and increase capital

We give the partner a platform and knowledge to get a new profession - crypto consulting

We accompany in the creation and management of a modern business in the online space

We tune our consciousness to success, abundance and prosperity


Available to you:

Information and software

Knowledge base in 5 areas

Support from curators and mentors

Formation of portfolios

Financial instruments


Personal and professional growth

Sale of franchises

About us

The international community of developers is engaged in the construction of the platform
GYDRA - Security Investment,
created in 2018
Our goal — formation of a global, loyal and professionally trained community in the areas of financial markets, modern marketing, blockchain and crypto technologies around the world

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“The one who owns the information owns everything!”

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